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Module 1. About Invest In Me


Invest In Me is a visible and secure financial safety net of up to $2,500 per annum to enable a young person to meet their aspirations and goals or for crisis relief if needed.

This funding provides support with timely access to goods and services, whilst encouraging young people to become self-reliant.

Navigating the Learning

Module 1. Invest In Me, describes the:

  • background and purpose of Invest In Me

  • practice principles for Invest In Me and

  • influence of personal values, attitudes & beliefs 


View and read the information in the videos, documents and resources and complete the reflection activity in the order they are listed on the below page. Complete the module by ending with the quiz. Once all modules and associated quizzes in the Invest In Me Practice Area are completed, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to your contact address.

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Supporting Documents

Invest In Me - Flow Chart

IIM Flow Chart Visual_edited.jpg

Invest In Me

- Practice Guide

- Page 1 - 2. 

Invest In Me

- Young Person - Fact Sheet

- Pages 1 - 2.

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Background & Purpose of Invest In Me

The background and purpose of the Invest In Me Fund is shared in the video below.

IIM Mod 1 V1

IIM Mod 1 V1

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Shelley shares her experience with managing money whilst growing up in care, the importance of Invest In Me and the role of the coach in supporting young people's interdependence (Shelley Farmer, Lived Experience Consultant, 2023).