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Module 3. Decision-Making & Things to Consider

The ‘Invest In Me’ process is intended as both a learning opportunity for the young person, but also aids the Transition Coach to have an objective and consistent approach to funding. Invest In Me is more structured rather than a discretionary approach to funding and is further intended to support equity for all young people accessing funding through Home Stretch WA.


Navigating the Learning

Module 3. 

  • considering the young person's context with reflective questions

  • the concept of 'chipping in or 'chucking in'

  • alternatives sources of support


View and read the information in the videos, documents and resources and complete the reflection activity in the order they are listed on the below page, ending with the quiz.  Once all modules and associated quizzes in the Invest In Me Practice Area are completed, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to your contact address.​

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Supporting Documents

Invest In Me - Flow Chart

IIM Flow Chart Visual_edited.jpg

Invest In Me

- Practice Guide

- Page . 

Invest In Me

- Young Person - Fact Sheet

- Pages 1 - 2.

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Considering the Young Person's Context with Reflective Questions

When a young person makes a request to the Invest In Me Fund a number of Reflective Questions need to be considered with the young person. The video below outlines these questions.

IIMe Mod 3 V1

IIMe Mod 3 V1

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What 'Chucking-In' Meant for Me 

Chucking or chipping-in can be difficult to introduce as an idea, particularly when young people might have experienced a system that reacts to their need, rather than invests in their development.

The video below is of a young person who participated in Home Stretch WA and was supported by their coach to access Invest In Me Funds, as well as chuck-in their own funds when they could afford it. They talk about what that meant for them.