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The Invest In Me Fund was developed to ensure that young people have equal opportunities to invest in themselves and their future goals. Invest In Me provides young people with the skills and knowledge to manage their finances, or how or where to access financial support within the community.

Each young person will be in a different situation and will possess different levels of capacity when it comes to their funding needs, or at differing stages of ability to contribute in non-financial ways. 

While it may feel simpler to fund items, particularly low-cost items, it is intended that each funding request be used as an opportunity for learning and capacity building. 

Navigating the Learning

Module 2.

  • building the capacity and interdependence of young people - planning and budgeting

  • what can and can't Invest In Me pay for?


View and read the information in the videos, documents and resources and complete the reflection activity in the order they are listed on the below page. Complete the module by ending with the quiz. Once all modules and associated quizzes in the Invest In Me Practice Area are completed, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to your contact address.

Module 2. Building the Capacity & Interdependence of
                   Young People

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Supporting Documents

Invest In Me - Flow Chart

IIM Flow Chart Visual_edited.jpg

Invest In Me

- Practice Guide

- Page . 

Invest In Me

- Young Person - Fact Sheet

- Pages 1 - 2.

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Developing Personal Plans & Budgeting

Building the capacity and interdependence of young people through planning and budgeting is illustrated in the video below.

IIM Mod 2 V2

IIM Mod 2 V2

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Practice Developing Plans & Budgets with Young People

1. Choose one of the planning templates or

   use one of your own to develop a personal

   plan with a young person which includes

   consideration of their goals and aspirations

   in all of the life domains.

2. Use the 'Budget Sheet Example' or one of

    your own templates to develop a budget

    with a young person for a 6-12 month

    period, which includes potential funding

    sources for items or services beyond

    their financial capacity.

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The types of things that are unlikely to get supported from the Invest In Me Fund are explored in the video below.