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  • Young people request financial support from their Transition Coach

  • For purchases under $100, the Transition Coach can approve directly.

  • For purchases over $100, the Transition Coach will help the young person prepare an application. The Coordinator will review the application and advise of a decision.

  • If approved, payment is made by the provider in a timely manner and data is recorded on every cost.

Navigating the Learning

Module 4. Invest In Me, describes the:

  • funding processes for under $100 & over $100

  • roles & responsibilities

  • financial governance

  • appeals process

  • Leaving Care Fund


View and read the information in the videos, documents and resources and complete the reflection activity in the order they are listed on the below page, ending with the quiz to complete the module. Once all modules and associated quizzes in the Invest In Me Practice Area are completed, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to your contact address.​

Module 4. How Can Young People Access Invest In Me?

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Supporting Documents

Invest In Me - Flow Chart

IIM Flow Chart Visual_edited.jpg

Invest In Me

- Practice Guide

- Page 1 - 2. 

Invest In Me

- Young Person - Fact Sheet

- Pages 1 - 2.

There is an Invest In Me Funding process for amounts requested under $100 and a different process for amounts requested over $100. The video below explains both processes.

IIMe Mod 4 V1

IIMe Mod 4 V1

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Funding Processes for Under $100 & Over $100

View & Read

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Roles & Responsibilities

The Home Stretch WA team members all have different roles in supporting young people to access the Invest In Me Fund. These roles are described in the video below.