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"It's something that I beg you think about when you're growing the capacity of a young person and contributing to their interdependence. We don't want to create and install that anxiety over not having the power over money. I was powerless so many times. We don't want that for our young people."

Shelley Farmer,

Lived Experience Consultant

What is Invest In Me?

The Invest In Me is funding provided to young people to achieve their personal goals. It is provided through the coaching relationship and administered by Home Stretch WA service providers.

What Does it Mean for Young People?

Young people have the ‘right’ to a viable and secure financial safety net for resources to support them towards their aspirations and goals, or for crisis relief.

Invest In Me Fund

What does the Service need to do to implement Invest In Me?

Retain delegated authority around expenditure within a Home Stretch WA Team.


Ensure young people access primary financial support through Invest In Me, rather than the Leaving Care Fund.

Pool program funding as required to provide access to more than $2,500 per annum to young people with higher support needs.

Make consistent and objective decisions when providing Invest In Me funding by following the practice guidelines for Invest In Me. 

Improve young people’s awareness and confidence in accessing mainstream financial support and resources.


Establish an Invest In Me Payment Mechanism for the Home Stretch program and its staff. 

Maintain good financial governance.

IIM Primary Finance 2.png
IIM Payment Mechanism Image.png

See the Model Integrity Framework for more details of the Service responsibilities for implementing Invest In Me.

Service Responsibilities

Outcomes for Young People


  • Understand the purpose and background of the development of Invest In Me funds for young people and how our values and attitudes can influence decision-making.

  • Support a young person to build their capacity and interdependence and develop a plan for their financial needs, including a budget.


  • Apply an objective and consistent approach to support equity for all young people accessing Invest In Me funding.

  • Know what a young person can access from Invest In Me funds and the Leaving Care Fund and how the Appeals process works.

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the processes of responding to a young person’s request to access funds under $100 and over $100.

After completing the Invest In Me Learning Modules, you will be able to:

​Navigating the Learning

Click on Module 1. below and complete the learning activities, including the quiz at the end. Repeat this process for Modules 2. to 4. to receive a Certificate of Completion for the Invest In Me Practice Area. The Learning Outcomes will be achieved with continued application becoming embedded into practice in your work with young people.

Learner Outcomes

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