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Support Circles

The primary focus of all Home Stretch WA supports is to assist a young person to grow and maintain an enduring network of personal, family and community connections - a Support Circle Approach. All interventions and support are delivered through this practice lens. The approach is detailed in the Transition Coach Practice Guidelines.


Practice Approaches that underpin Support Circles were a primary focus of the 'Nitja Nop Yorga Ngulla Mia' co-design project that was led by Yorganop. 

Footprints is a practice tool that supports young people to map out the people, places and things that are important to them i.e. visualise to their 'Support Circle'. It has been developed in collaboration with Yorganop and their Home Stretch WA team. Working together with the Community of Practice and the Home Stretch WA Trial team, the framework and practice resources are now in a testing phase and will be shared across the network (see the Tool & accompanying resources below). 

Access the Nitja Nop Yorga Ngulla Mia Principles, by clicking on the document image to the right:

Coming Soon...

Footprints Practice Tool

Practice Tools & Resources

All the tools and resources you require for Support Circles are found below. Use the drop downs to filter the types of documents. 

You can filter by the Stage the resource is used by the Transition Coach in providing a young person with support or by the Document Type, to easily find the one you want and click on the document's title to open the document

* Don't forget there are more Support Circles Resources on the Training page

Document Title & Link
Purpose of Document
Document Type
Support Circles - Practice Guidelines
Practice Guidelines for Transition Coaches outlining how to use a Support Circles Approach
Practice Guide (PG)
Footprint Eco Map Template
Template of the Footprints Eco Map Tool
Practice Tool (PT)
Footprints Tool - A Simple Guide
A simple guide explaining how to use the Footprints Tool with a young person
Practice Tool (PT)
Footprints Tool Word Prompt List
Word Prompt List to use with the Footprints Tool to help the young person capture all the people, places and things important to them
Practice Tool (PT)
Footprints Tool Question Cards
Question Cards to use with the Footprints Tool to prompt deeper conversation and engagement with the tool
Practice Tool (PT)
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